Young Life Hampshire County

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4 out of 5

Young Life participants

consider Young Life and it's leaders to be a significant influence on their faith.


of volunteer leaders and staff with

Young Life would overwhelmingly recommend their leadership experience to a friend.

Lauralee Harrington

Administrative Staff/Mission Staff

Lauralee is behind the scene administratively and encourages the women leaders. ​

Lauren Hadorn

Staff Associate

Lauren runs Club, Campaigners, Camp and everything in-between. If you're wondering who to call with questions, she's the one.(978) 502-7318


Dave Wintsch


Dave is a valuable asset with many years of experience in youth ministry. He oversees the area and encourages the men leaders.


"Young Life changed my son's life ..."

Our Current Leaders:

top- Noreen Kelly, Vika Katko, John Mankowsky, Mac Fowlkes, Chris Greene, Lauren Hadorn

bottom- Ben Andersen, Anna Steadman, Shelby Johnson, Aadon Crisostomo, Cameron Sullivan-Daly


"Young Life changed my son's life ..."

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