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On November 5th, 2018 we will be holding our annual Dessert Fundraising Banquet at Hopkins Academy! Our banquet is a huge part of our fundraising efforts and we host this annual event to help jump start our ministry for the next 12 months! Will you join us?


Welcome to Young Life Hampshire County, serving and investing in High School and Middle School Students from Amherst, Hadley, Belchertown, and South Hadley.

Young Life thinks the world of kids. YL Leaders are committed to being involved with kids' lives -- from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future. Whether it's at club, campaigners, or camp, teenagers will have a blast laughing, trying new things, and being with their friends.

Contact your school's Team Leader to find out what's happening in your town!

Did you know you could help provide camp scholarships for kids simply by switching your coffee brand?

The average family drinks 68 lbs of coffee a year. If they bought from 41 & Change, that family would provide a full-ride scholarship!

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Young Life Hampshire County | PO Box 659 Hadley, MA 01035-0659

Phone: 540-819-9040

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